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at the
International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics ICCVG'2002
Association for Image Processing (TPO)

* * * AWARDS GRANTED * * *

  1. The award will be conferred for the best presentation of the paper at the Conference. The person presenting the paper will be the recipient of the award.
  2. The persons giving oral presentations as well as poster presentations are candidates to the award. Invited lectures are excluded from the competition.
  3. The award consists of a seleced, recently published monograph on image processing, and a diploma.
  4. The commission conferring the award consists of the members of the Governing Board of the TPO present at the Conference, members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference and the Chairmen of the sessions. The President of the TPO is the Chairman of the Commission, and in the case of his absence, another member of the TPO GB, designated by the President.
  5. The Scientific Committee of the Conference and the Chairmen of the sessions nominate 3 to 4 papers for the award, on the basis of their scientific merit.
  6. The Commission confers the award upon the person who presented one of the nominated papers. In this final decision the quality of the presentation and the quality of the paper will be taken into account. The decision will be undertaken in the way of the secret ballot of the Commission.
  7. The award will be conferred and handed after the end of all the presentations qualifying for the competition. This will take place not later than during the closing of the Conference.


Dr Waldemar Cudny


Dr Leszek Chmielewski


* * * AWARDS GRANTED * * *

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