GKPO 2000

6th International Conference on
Computer Graphics and Image Processing

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NOTE: the Conference has already taken place.

Call for Papers

The 6th GKPO 2000 Conference intends to group the best researchers active in the field of pictorial information exchange between computer and its environment. The reviewing process and strict acceptance criteria ensure high quality of the accepted papers. The Conference is planned as a single track of oral and poster presentations. The number of participants is limited to 80 persons.

The conference will be a forum for presentation of theoretical aspects, methods, applications and systems of image generation and processing. Unpublished research papers are solicited, particularly concerning the following topics:

The programme will include: invited papers by leading researchers, selected contributions in oral and poster sessions, an open session, presentaion of systems, and social events.

Paper submission. Authors are requested to submit four copies of manuscript in English (max. 6 pages). Upon acceptance by the reviewers and Programme Committee (selection criteria include originality of ideas, accuracy and clarity of explanation), authors will be asked to submit an IBM PC diskette (in DOS format), containing the text of the paper, prepared with LaTeX with pictures in PostScript.

The papers can be presented on an oral (podium) session or on a poster session, according to the author(s) wish upon submission of the paper. Submission rules, acceptance criteria, and the form of publication in the proceedings are exactly the same for both kinds of papers.

Conference Information

  • Declaration form:
    July 31, 1999 (expired)
  • Paper submission:
    October 30, 1999 (expired)
  • Notification of acceptance:
    January 30, 2000 (already send out)
  • Final version of paper:
    February 29, 2000 (expired)

    Proceedings of the Conference are published as a special issue [Vol. 9 (2000), Nos. 1/2] of the Machine GRAPHICS & VISION Journal. There is still a limited number of copies for sale ($80 per copy). In order to obtain your copy (until stock lasts), please send the above amount by bank transfer to:

    Bank: PKO BP, X Oddzial Warszawa
    Bank address: Pl. Powstancow Warszawy 4, PL 00-950 Warszawa, Poland
    Account number: 10201101-551179-270-201-1
    Beneficiary: Association for Image Processing
    Beneficiary Address: ul. Swietokrzyska 21, PL 00-049 Warszawa, Poland

    Please add a notice: GKPO'2000 Proceedings

    We regret that personal or company cheques, banker's drafts and bank cards will not be accepted.

    May 15-19, 2000.

    Hotel "OSTANIEC" in Podlesice near Kroczyce, in the midst of the rocky Cracow-Czestochowa Jura - one of the most wonderful and interesting tourist regions of Poland. It is located in south-central Poland, about 220 km south-west of Warsaw, 50 km east from Czestochowa, and 80 km from Katowice - which have regular bus and railway connections with Warsaw. Click on the pictures below to see larger photos of some scenic landmarks of the region.
    [Mt. Zborow]
    Cliffs at Mt. Zborow
    [From Mt. Zborow]
    A view from the top
    of Mt. Zborow
    [Hercules Mace]
    The Mace of Hercules

    You may also see here a photo of the conference site with a schematic map of its position relative to nearby larger cities.

  • The Best Paper award:

    Similarly as for the previous GKPO'98 Conference, the Best Paper Award for the best paper presented at the GKPO 2000 Conference has been funded by the Association for Image Processing (TPO: Towarzystwo Przetwarzania Obrazow). It has been awarded after the presentation of the paper at the conference, to the person presenting the paper, on the basis of the paper's scientific merit and quality of presentation. The winner has been selected (from among several papers nominated by the Programme Committee before the conference) by a body consisting of Programme Committee members augmented by representative(s) of the funding body. The award amounted to 1200 (twelve hundred) Polish zlotys.

    The winner is:

    a Ph.D. student at the Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, for the presentation of the paper on X-ray volume rendering through two-stage splatting. The second author of the paper was: from the same Institute.

    The papers nominated for the award by the Programme Committee were (in alphabetical order):

    Conference Committees and Addresses

    Conference Chair:

    Programme Committee Chair:
    Scientific Secretary:
    M. Kowalczyk (PL)
    [Tel:]+48-22/836-2885 ext. 23 [Fax:] ++48-22/837-6564
    Programme Committee:
    S. Ablameyko (BY)
    P. Bhattacharya (US)
    T. Belikova (RU)
    E. Bengtsson (SE)
    A. Borkowski (PL)
    D. Chetverikov (HU)
    L. Chmielewski (PL)
    J. Chojcan (PL)
    R. Choras (PL)
    S. Dellepiane (IT)
    U. Eckhardt (DE)
    H. Emptoz (FR)
    M. Flasinski (PL)
    A. Gagalowicz (FR)
    D. Gillies (GB)
    J. Goutsias (US)
    E. Grabska (PL)
    H. Heijmans (NL)
    J.-M. Jolion (FR)
    A. Kasinski (PL)
    R. Klette (NZ)
    W. Klonowski (PL)
    E. Kolodzinski(PL)
    R. Kozera (AU)
    H. Kreowski (DE)
    Z. Kulpa (PL)
    M. Kurzynski (PL)
    W. Kwiatkowski (PL)
    G. Levina (RU)
    L. Luchowski (PL)
    V. Lukin (UA)
    W. Malina (PL)
    A. Materka (PL)
    H. Niemann (DE)
    M. Nieniewski (PL)
    J. Punys (LT)
    M. Paprzycki (US)
    J. Roerdink (NL)
    B. Sadykhov (BY)
    B. Sankur (TR)
    R. Sara (CZ)
    V. Skala (CZ)
    G. Sommer (DE)
    J. Soldek (PL)
    V. Starovoitov (BY)
    L. Szirmay-Kalos (HU)
    V. Valev (BG)
    L. Vincent (US)
    T. Vintsiuk (UA)
    R. Vorobel (UA)
    J. Zabrodzki (PL)
    A. Zilinskas (LT)
    Organizing Committee Chair:
    Organizing Committee:
    D. Bereska (PL)
    K. Fujarewicz (PL)
    M. Grzegorek (PL)
    K. Moscinska (PL)
    Organizing Committee Secretary:
    H. PALUS (PL)
    [Tel:] [Fax:] ++48-32/237-2744

    Conference Contact Address:
    GKPO 2000
    Institute of Computer Science of the PAS
    ul. Ordona 21,
    01-237 Warsaw, Poland
    [Fax:] ++48-22/837-6564

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