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Foundation and objectives

The Association for Image Proccessing (AIP) was officially registered in 1991. However, the concept of its formation comes back to 1989, when it arose during one of the scientific meetings organised by the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences (IFTR PAS), devoted to Pattern Recognition and Image Processing.

The objective of the Association is advancement and promotion of research and implementations of the widely understood methods of image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition (see the Statute). The Association integrates the society of persons working upon the theory and applications in these areas. This is fulfilled through organising scientific and technical meetings, publishing activities, establishing relations with other organisations having similar objectives, and promoting the image processing methods in the industrial community. The Association is also authorized to conduct scientific activity as a non-profit organisation.

Membership in the IAPR

Since July, 1992, the Association is a member organisation of the IAPR logo International Association for Pattern Recognition. Each member of the AIP is also a member of IAPR and has all the rights which result from this (among others: receiving the IAPR Newsletter quarterly and having reduced rates at IAPR conferences).
     AIP has its representative in the Governing Board of the IAPR. At present this office is held by Dr Leszek Chmielewski from the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, PAS (IPPT PAN), Warsaw.

Scientific journal

In 1992-2000 the representatives of the AIP were participating in the Editorial Board of Machine Graphics & Vision - International Journal (MG&V) (mirrored here), the first scientific periodical (quarterly) in Central and Eastern Europe fully devoted to image processing.


Since 1990 we have been taking part in organising the International Conferences on Computer Graphics and Image Processing (GKPO) (mirrored here), held in Poland every even year, in May.

Since 1998 TPO has started to participate in organising the Polish Conferences on Pattern Recognition (KOSYR). The first Conference took place in May 1999. Since 2005 the Conference has been organised under the name International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems (CORES).

Since 2002 TPO has been an organiser of the International Conferences on Computer Vision and Graphics (ICCVG).


The Association has funded the best paper awards at the GKPO'96, TPO'97, GKPO'98, KOSYR'99, GKPO 2000, KOSYR 2001, ICCVG 2002, TPO 2002, KOSYR 2003, ICCVG 2004, CORES 2005, ICCVG 2006 and CORES 2007 conferences.

Since 1998 the Association grants the Award for the Best Ph.D. thesis of the year in the domain of image processing.

Scientific projects

We carry out and participate in scientific projects. Hitherto, our projects were granted by the European Commission within the 4 and 5 Framework Programmes - INCO-COPERNICUS and Information Society Technologies, and by the State Committee for Scientific Research, Poland.

In 1999, the project on Standard compliant QUAlity control System for High-level ceramic material manufacturing (SQUASH) founded by the European Commission within the INCO-COPERNICUS programme under the grant no. ERBIC 15CT 96 0742 has been completed. The co-ordinatior was the University of Cagliari, Italy. the Association for Image Processing was a member of the SQUASH consortium.

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